It’s about time blogging world :)

Hello blogging world! It has taken me way to long to get into this and share my experiences, knowledge and advice with you. I should have done this years ago! I’ll tell you why…

I first moved from Toronto, Canada to London, UK almost four years ago. I went through some difficult times and felt that I needed a huge change in my life and to finally do what I wanted to do to feel fulfilled with my life. This fulfilment, I believed, was to be achieved through travelling the world and making new amazing memories to replace the old painful memories of my past. Today I look back and can honestly say that I have made a plethora of memories from my travels around the world and have absolutely ZERO regrets about picking up and moving to a new country to start over.

When I first decided that I wanted to move abroad, I wasn’t sure exactly where I wanted to go. I dabbled in thoughts about moving to Asia or Australia, but soon realised that those places were incredibly far from home and I wasn’t sure I could even hack being away from home for so long at one time. Then it hit me…. London! I had been to London in the past and fell in love with it. I  thought about all the pros and cons and quickly realised that the pros vastly outweighed the cons. The main pro (aside from being not as far from home as Asia or Australia) was that London was so central to so many of the countries in the world and travelling Europe was literally going to be at my doorstep. My mind was made up. I picked up and moved to London.

It has almost been four whole years since I made that life changing decision. During this time I have travelled to France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Croatia, Italy, Malta, Iceland, Norway, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and the list continues. I have such a passion for travelling and exploring new cities…almost to the point of an addiction 😉 I have always travelled growing up, thanks to my parents, but I didn’t get the travel bug until I was a bit older and was able to appreciate the different cultures and lifestyles I was being exposed to. Once I realised how amazing it was to be able to see how different people from different places in the world lived, I wanted to see more and more! I got the bug!

This all brings me to why I wanted to start my own blog. I am still such an avid traveller and am constantly visiting new cities and countries. I find that I am always googling “Best things to do/see in (insert city)” and reading other peoples travel blogs. They are so helpful to me and help me plan my trips. Therefore, I decided that I want to help others plan their trips and holidays by providing tips and advice about the places that I have been to! I can honestly say that I am quite confident in my planning skills when it comes to vacationing or taking a weekend getaway and want to share my knowledge with all you out there who want it!

So welcome to the Adventures of Hehe! I hope you all find my tips and advice helpful when planning your next adventures! Feel free to leave a comment or ask for advice on any city and if I have been there, I will happily post my tips for you!

Happy travelling!